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Submerged Plants

We offer a wide variety of wetland and submerged aquatic plants for various applications including aesthetics and beautification, nutrient and erosion abatement, conservation and more. If the species you're looking for is not listed, please contact us and we can source it.

Most species are available in pots and bare-root. Water lilies are in quart size pots while emergent species are in 3-4 inch pots.


Eel Grass (Vallisneria americana)

Also called tape grass and wild celery, its leaves are slender and length/height depends on the depth of water they grow in. It is dioecious but produces well through runners. Often utilized for fisheries and waterfowl management.  

Sago Pondweed

(Stuckenia pectinata)*

Sporting small, thin leaves sago pondweed is often prized for its tubers by water fowl. Similar to eel grass, clear water is a must and it grows in varying depths depending on the water clarity

Southern Naiaid

(Najas guadalupensis)*

Often considered a weed in aesthetic and fisheries lakes, naiaid is great for water fowl. A variety of insects live amongst the intricate stem and leaf structures, which water fowl search for.



(Ceratophyllum demersum)*

Sporting a dark/olive green color, the whorled leaves provide habitat for insects, which water fowl search for. It is occasionally used for fisheries when it is difficult to establish submerged vegetation.

*Only available as bare-root
^Available in pots upon request, with 3-6 week grow out time required.
+Currently unavailable-Updated 12/13/2023

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