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Floating Leaf Plants

We offer a wide variety of wetland and submerged aquatic plants for various applications including aesthetics and beautification, nutrient and erosion abatement, conservation and more. If the species you're looking for is not listed, please contact us and we can source it.

Most species are available in pots and bare-root. Water lilies are in quart size pots while emergent species are in 3-4 inch pots.

WWL May 2023

White Water Lily

(Nymphaea odorata)

Growing in varying depths of water (up to about 6 feet) and even mud during drought like conditions, this plant is utilized for aesthetics, habitat restoration, fisheries and waterfowl management. 

Yellow Water Lily

(Nymphaea mexicana)

Similar growing conditions to the white water lily, this lily blooms all summer and frequently. It provides similar benefits to habitat and management but grows much faster than the white water lily.

Spatterdock(Nuphar advena)*

Also called cow lily is a very tough lily and suitable for restoration projects but may grow to quickly for private water bodies. It's often utilized for habitat restoration, fisheries and waterfowl managment. It's flower is considerably smaller and are half opened. The leaves are large and hear-shaped. 

American Floating Pondweed

(Potamogeton nodosus)*

Often used in fisheries management and this plant grows in varying water depths and even mud in drought like conditions. It spreads by seeds and fragments. Submerged and floating leaves are present but floating leaves are most common, leather like and elliptical in shape. 

Illinois Pondweed

(Potamogeton illinoensis)*

Very similar in preferred habitat and water depth to american flaoting pondweed. Submerged and floating leaves are present but submerged leaves are most common, thin and elliptical.

*Only available as bare-root
^Available in pots upon request, with 3-6 week grow out time required.
+Currently unavailable-Updated 1/30/2023

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